Julie Julie
Age: 22
Gender: F
Occupation: Executive Assistant
Location: Your Area
Hi Guys! I need someone to keep me company while I'm on the road...{JS_wink} {JS_heart}
Julie Julie
I'm Feeling: Oh Yeeeaaah!!!
Looking for: Excitement!
Relationship Status: Very Single! {JS_tougne}
Hey there!

I'm Julie,I'm 22 and looking for someone to keep me company while I'm out on the road. My job as an executive assistant provides me with some really great travel opportunities, but unfortunately it makes it hard to meet people since I seem to always be somewhere new.

I'm headed out on another business trip soon and will be hitting up New York City, Chicago, Milwaukee and Tampa. It would be great to find someone to spend a little time with while I'm visiting these great cities.

Since I don't really stay in one place for too long, I need someone who is ok with having a sexual relationship with no strings attached. I'm young and just wanna have some fun, so let's have some together! {JS_shush}{JS_heart}

Check out my profile and get at me if you're interested!

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