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  AdultFriendFinder Promotional Material  

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Not all features are currently available in the beta version. We are working diligently to make this possible. Thank you for your understanding.

To advertise AdultFriendFinder with affiliate ID, simply choose a promotional banner ad, then copy and paste the provided code and add it directly to your web page! No need to host any of the material on your computer!

We work hard to keep our content up-to-date and original, and we're always updating our affiliate promotional tools. As an affiliate of AdultFriendFinder, you will be notified via email when we upload new and exciting promotional material.

  New: Animated Member Registration  

Our newest landing page is sexy, interactive and promises to help you convert traffic like never before! With our most polished design yet, this site features sultry images and a scorching hot member gallery sure to get hearts pounding and conversions rolling. Let this lander entice traffic and drive up your revenue.

Animated Member Registration Screen Shot

  HTML Banners: Button Banners  

These highly click-able button banners are all the rage! Now you can customize your button banner with you own key words and colors, in any size you want. Click Here to get started.

Create your own Button Banner
  Geo-targeted Map Banners and Landing Page  

You've never seen anything like this dynamic banner! It shows our sexy members in and around the viewer's geographic location.

This type of banner is proven to greatly increase click-through rates, which means more money for you!

It's available in a variety of different sizes, as either a banner or a landing page, so you're certain to find one that meets your needs.

Geotargeted Landing Page
300x250 Banner

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  Highest Converting Tool: HTML Thumbnail Banners  

Our fully customizable Geo-targeted Member/Model Image Banners are the highest converting creatives in our library! A vast collection of dynamically rotating images and image-types give you a new look with every page load! Customize your own, or check our samples to see more possibilities.

  • Enhanced with four unique image types: Static Member/Model, Animated Member, Model Video Clips, Model images with Play Button Overlays – proven to greatly increase click-through rates
  • Available in a variety of different styles: Customizable, Pre-sized, Scrolling and more!
  • Unmatched customizability and fine-tuning
  • New! We’ve added three additional landing pages, with a brand new preview option that enables a quick view of our most popular destination pages.

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Customize Your Own Banner
  Video Registration Tour  

Give your conversions a shot of adrenaline with our new Video Registration Tour. These innovative Landing Pages - featuring the sexy Penthouse Pets, Alektra Blue, Lindsay Marie and Shay Laren – take prospective members on a guided tour of the registration process, showing a little more skin with each completed step!

  • Luscious Pets encourage members to complete the registration process
  • Consistently updated with new model tour pages
  • Effective and easy

Simply copy and paste the URLs into you web page, and let our interactive assistants do the rest!

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  Video Tour Banners  

You’ve seen what our Video Registration Tour pages can do - now take a look at our geo-targeted, animated Flash Banners! Choose between the beautiful Shay Laren and the ravishing Alektra Blue! Specifically designed to convert with these exciting landing pages, they go straight to the corresponding Pet's video registration tour!

  • Geo-targeted dynamically target your traffic based on their location
  • Interactive and eye-catching - designed specifically for high conversions
  • More model updates to come!

Simply copy and paste the following URL into you web page to use our Shay Laren banner now:

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  Floater Ads  

Our Floater Ads – ingenious creatives that look just like Instant Message chat windows – are one of the best converting creative campaigns! Choose between our IM Chat Banner and our brand new Virtual Model Banner.

  • Geo–targeted location text gets tons of attention and conversions!
  • Two different styles to choose from
  • Audio enabled – entice your traffic with Shay Laren’s silky, seductive voice
  • Fully customizable
Click banner to view example.
Shay Banner

Simply copy and paste the following URL into you web page:

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  Flash Banners: Video  

Our cutting edge Video Banners gives you four different ways to get your visitor's attention. They are fully customizable, and available in four unique styles with a variety of sizes:

  • Mock Chat: These little gems are a guaranteed way to get the attention of your traffic. Who wouldn’t be enticed by the prospect of a little “interaction” with a sexy model?
  • Commercials: Ultra sexy videos and testimonials will tease your traffic into conversions
  • Cam Girls: Sexy webcam girls are the perfect way to seduce your quality traffic
  • Standard Size Video Banners: Racy, live action banners get hearts racing and conversions flowing!


Copy and paste the following code into your web page to use the center Cam Girls banner now:


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  Flash Banners: Animated  

An integration of our best converting Geo-Targeted banner with flash animation, Using a vast assortment of images in our ‘Member Photos’ image pool – consisting of Member Images, Model Images, Model Images with Play Button Overlays, and Animated Member Images – these have been tested and proven to greatly increase click–through rates!

  • A hybrid of our best converting banner — with flash animation
  • Geo-targeted to pinpoint your traffics’ location, making them even more effective
  • Dynamically update with a fresh set of photos each time a viewer hits your web page
  • Customizable options include: Text Color, BG color, speed, border thickness, and more!

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  NEW! Rotating Keyword Banners  
  Our Rotating Keyword Banners randomly display auto-rotating keywords in a cloud format, and are customizable to suit your individual website needs to target your most profitable markets.
You can control basic preferences including:
  • Banner size – choose from 4 standard-sized options
  • Border, background, text and rollover color
  • Destination landing page – choose where you want your traffic to land
  • PG-rated or erotic keyword preferences

Create your own Button Banner
  Graphic Banners: New Creatives  

Our traditional banners are eye–catching and take very little time to load. We’re frequently adding more, so take a look at the latest options and add one to your site today!

  • Most actively updated section in our creatives library
  • Over 2550 creatives to choose from in all the standard industry sizes
  • Something for everyone – Geo–targeted, animated, interactive you name it, we’ve got it!

Use our convenient Search feature to locate one that suits your size and content requirements today!
Simply cut and paste the code below into your web page to use this banner now:

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